Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pictura - colouring in for everyone!

The March of Industry, a detail from Metropolis

UK publisher Templar is launching a series of colouring-in books for all ages this October under the collective title Pictura. Each book, created by a different illustrator, folds out as a single long black & white panorama that can be collected as they are or coloured in at whim. My own contribution is 'Metropolis', about the rise and fall of city over eight connected episodes. Find out more about Pictura here, and watch the launch on Vimeo


  1. I just today saw it in a shop and treated myself to it for my birthday. Will be colouring it in shortly..... if I can decide where to start. Just wonderful.

  2. i bought it on line and it's arrived for christmas... really good,full of details....i ordered "rules of summer " too and i hope to receive it soon. there is not the italian version and i don'want to wait too much time..

  3. Thank God now they have coloring books for adults too. As a child it was such a lovely experience to fill the pages with vibrant colors. I am already loving this coloring book, it is giving me a chance to relive my childhood:)