Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Post UK

Thanks to everyone who attended recent events and those who helped organise them; Corinne, Jayne, Nghiem and the good folk at EIBF, IBBY, BSFA, the British Library and the Discover Centre, as well as Gosh! and Forbidden Planet. Many thanks to Quentin Blake for taking time to participate in a fun conversation about drawing, and to Paul Gravett for facilitating, I hope we meet again!

Following my keynote address at the London IBBY Conference (International Board on Books for Young People), a number of delegates requested a copy of my paper. It can be found here, and can be used for educational or academic purposes without permission. 


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  2. hi,is there the hope to see you in italy?i hope so..waiting for your new work .. EW

  3. What is the best way for a new fan (in the U. S.) to keep up with your new works? Do you travel to the US with any regularity, specifically, the East Coast? I'd love to attend any book signings or talks you might give. Your work is fascinating.


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